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September 28, 2006





How did you find out so quicky? I didn't even receive confirmation that my paper was submitted until last week.


Hey Clayton!

Hm, I submitted my paper a significant amount of time before the deadline, so maybe that made a difference? Also, I submitted it electronically, so I got an email confirmation that the paper had been received shortly after I submitted it, and then was told whether it was accepted via email as well. Did you submit your paper online? Maybe the APA only emails (rather than sending letters through the post) in response to electronic submissions?

Hope you're doing fantastically!


If you ever find out who the APA ref was, you should give them a hug. I'd give just about anything to get quick turn around. I've never understood why it takes so long to receive word concerning conferences and journal submissions. The waiting is very, very frustrating. At any rate, I'm looking forward to heading back to San Fran as well and hopefully will catch your paper live.


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