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December 06, 2005




Nice to see an update ;) I'm glad to hear that the department at Rutgers is theist-friendly. I've realized how important that will be as I continue my education, and as I consider applying to Rutgers after I get my M.A., that information will come in handy. And I'm looking forward to reading the paper on pluralities, identity and the trinity.

Best Wishes and a Merry Christmas!


Hi Shieva, glad to hear you're enjoying things at Rutgers. The photos are really nice, we don't seem to get an Autumn down here. But anyways, I noticed you don't have a link for our grad conference site, so here's one:


Take care, Aidan


Hey Aidan,
I tried to go to the website you mentioned, but it says I need a password. Do you guys have a public website for the conference?
Thanks, and happy new year!
- Shieva



Try this: https://webspace.utexas.edu/jtb538/utgradconference.htm

Good to hear you're enjoying Rutgers.

Best, John

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